Springfield Rats Get Trap-Shy, Here's How to Nab Them No Matter What!

There are chances that you have been trying to catch a Springfield rat with a trap, but it seems that it is not working. At some point, you start feeling the mouse has some mystical powers that inform it about a trap so that it easily avoids the trap. If you have the challenge of a trap-shy rat, some things you could do about it include:

  • Using a glued trap
  • Using a snap trap
  • Change your Massachusetts rat trap location
  • Use a different type of bait

  • Using a Glued Trap

    Glued traps have the ability to trap a rat once they pass over it. Putting peanuts or other types of effective bait on the trap will go a long way to attract the rat to the trap. A major advantage of using a glued trap is the fact that several rats can be caught at the same time. Furthermore, this is also a cool option if you do not intend to kill or injure the rat.

    Using a Snap Trap

    The snap trap is another effective trap that requires you to use bait. Using bait on trap are very effective because Massachusetts rats will always look for food and leaving food on a trap in the form of bait will always attract them. You should find out that the rat escapes after eating the bait, it means you are using big baits and you should reduce the size. This will force the rat to use more energy that will trigger the trap.

    Change your Trap Location

    If you are placing your trap in the wrong place, rats will never be caught. Place traps where there is a high level of rat activity. You will always find remnants of food and their feces in this type of place.

    Use a Different Type of Bait

    Perhaps, your Springfield bait is not a favorite food for the Massachusetts rat. You should thus, change to peanut, cheese or other foods that rats have been proven to love.

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